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Grace and Truth Books {A Review}


Do you ever look at your home library and wonder which books you will pass down for your grandchildren to enjoy?  Each year, as I prepare for our homeschool support group’s used curriculum sale, I ask this question to help me separate the wheat from the chaff of books that I own.

I have tons of books that the world considers Great Literature (I consider it great as well).  Most of these copies I own because it is a convenience to have them, instead of making trips to the library.  Others I own because they are classics, but not “classic” enough to take up some shelf space at our public library;  other books are a little to “Christian” for our library, I think. 

The books from Grace and Truth Books, however, are classics because they are beautiful…they up life the soul…they honor God.  These books will – Lord willing – be a legacy to pass to my grandchildren. Period.

Grace and Truth Books is more than an online Christian bookstore.  They are preserving a literary past by publishing some of the best Christian literature of the 19th Century.  You can read the story of how Grace and Truth Books came to be.

The boys and I were blessed to Review two books from the Gundersen’s Character Building Collection for Children.  This is an 11 volume set of reprinted books (from the American Tract Society) that sells for $49.00.  You can also purchase the books individually.

These books are great for elementary aged students (I would especially say ages 7-12 because of the lyrical 19th century writing style and vocabulary).  However, as I’ve observed in my house, my 13 year old easily came out to listen in as well – so I think there is some appeal to slightly older students as well. Score!


The Reward of Childhood Truth ($4.75)                              The Little Medicine Carrier ($4.75)


The boys and I started with The Little Medicine Carrier as a mid-afternoon read-aloud.  We read a chapter a day (ok, sometimes two-a-day because they begged me!).  This book tells the story about an industrious English 11-year-old who wants to help his mother with expenses and earns the job as a courier for the village doctor.  With the blessing of his mother and Sunday School teacher, George treats his job honorably and is trustworthy in his work.  In the 6-chapter book, he learns lessons about temptation, envy, and staying true to his word. The boys really enjoyed it (Ben even sat in to listen to the story – and I was grateful that he enjoyed it). It is a touching story with a bit of a sad ending (a little girl dies in the story), but in all, George – and my boys – learn the value of hard work and honor. I know with 100% certainty that George’s name will not be forgotten in future conversations we have about diligence and temptation.

The second book, The Reward of Childhood Truth, is composed of two shorter stories, the first bearing the books name and subtitled “Truth Insures the Future for Charles and Harry.” This story is 50 pages long.  The second story is called “Little Mary’s First and Last Falsehood” and is 22 pages long.  I chose to read the “Mary” story to the boys this time, because it seemed relevant to some issues (*ahem*) we have been dealing with.  It is a short story about a 7 year old girl, Mary, who feels the burden in her heart for not confessing a lie to her parents for some time. Again, Ben crept out of the schoolroom to hear to story. 

I was only disappointed in one aspect of the books:  the boys and I did not care for the illustrations.  The illustration of George (remember, he is 11 in the story) made him look like a man!  However, this is really a small issue, and the stories are so worth it, that it is easy to overlook.

Members of the Schoolhouse Crew had the blessing to review the following books:

Your Child's Profession of Faith, Dennis Gundersen

Raising Maidens of Virtue, Stacy McDonald

Courtship or Dating: So What's the Difference?, Dennis Gundersen

Of Knights and Fair Maidens, Jeff & Danielle Myers

With the Children on Sundays, Sylvanus Stall

Collector's Edition: Seven Favorite 19th-Century Children's Stories

Too Wise to be Mistaken, Too Good to be Unkind, Cathy Steere

From the Boys Heritage Series:
- Gerrit and His Dog
- The Young Christian

From the Girls Heritage Series:
- First Impressions of God
- Behind Mr. Bunyan

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received these books, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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