Sunday, December 16, 2012

God Spotting: Women of Faith -- Not My Plan, But Yours

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. 
God must've been rolling on the floor in early November when four girlfriends and I changed our Women of Faith weekend plans from a two-night getaway to a one-night getaway.

Four friends and I volunteered at the Women of Faith conference in Hartford, Connecticut.  It was a great time of singing, praying, crying (I always cry at these things), and serving.  We had planned on returning home late on Saturday night so that we could cuddle our hubbies and enjoy church on Sunday morning with our families.  Great plan, we had.

Except God intervened to teach me us a lesson. The short story is that we left the arena and discovered we had a flat tire.  My friend's van didn't have a spare and all the usual places you would purchase a tire were either closing in less than half an hour (it was a Saturday night, after all) or didn't have it in stock and  were closing in less than half an hour.

We ended up deciding that we had to spend a second night in Connecticut.  And the God spotting kicker of it all was that our tow truck driver was a Christ follower and invited us to his church! We decided at this point that God must be trying to get our attention and we needed to follow His lead on this detour.  So, husbands were called, Plan B (rides home with others from our area who were at the convention) was cancelled, and we went to sleep (thanks to my friend Susan's husband's Hilton points!) waiting to see what God would teach us on Sunday morning.

Now, I will interject here that the end of October was a pretty stressful month for me..  Plans for a life/ career change were accelerating for my husband and we'd had some growing-up issues with one of my boys. I was struggling to trust God with these issues/ changes.  As a matter of fact, these challenges really made me not excited about attending Women of Faith in the first place.  Isn't that just like the enemy?  Right when I needed God the most, the enemy attacks us and tries to put a wedge between our Father and us?

But after a day of worship God at Women of Faith on Saturday, I was feeling better about God and his plan. Not fully surrendered to it, but better.

Sunday morning was sunny and beautiful in Hartford.  Our two taxis drove us to the Missionary Baptist Church  and we were enveloped in hugs and warm welcomes!

We found our seats and participated in the most joyous worship I'd ever had inside a church!  Life! Energy!  Love! It was heavenly.  Prayer was inspired.  There was love and acceptance and worship in those walls, and it was something we all let soak into our souls.

The message that God had sent to the pastor was right on -- like it was written for me.  Only God can orchestrate a right-on message preached at an African-American church for five white women from several states away who just happened to walk into their church. 

It's a new season, it's a new day
A fresh anointing coming our way
A time of (healing?) and prosperity
It's a new season, It's a new day 

I'm fairly certain that this song was song for me.  We definitely have a new season coming soon in our family (my husband is going to be self-employed January 1st) and I've been worried about all that this implies for our family and our lifestyle.  This song was a salve to my soul that God is in control of everything.  This is our time to get out of the boat and focus on Christ.

God orchestrated a few more gifts and miracles so that we could return home after four hours of worshiping at church.  (Yes, I said four hours.  It felt like one.  Honestly.) We got our van, repacked it with our things, and drove home.




Safe, as we always are, in Jesus' loving arms.

Sometimes, though, we just have to get outside of our plans to see that.

Thank you, sweet Lord Jesus.


Unknown said...

That sounds wonderful! I'm hoping to be able to attend the conference when it comes to my area.

Masters Family said...

Don't you just love when God gets our attention when we need it most? Love this post Alane. :) We will praying for you as Dave starts this new adventure.