Monday, March 4, 2013

Abraham’s Journey

Inspiring the American Dream ( sent me a copy of their first book Abraham’s Journey: A Celebration of the American Dream ($14.99 for a soft cover book; also available as a Kindle download) written by a Kathleen Basmadjian, PhD, and Robert K. Basmadjian Jr.

The story is about a boy (he seems to be a pre-teen) whose mom and dad have lost their job during the Great Recession.  Set at Christmas time, Abraham wants to make sure there are Christmas gifts under the tree in spite of his parents’ job loss and lack of funds.

Abraham searches out odd jobs using his smart phone but goes on a magical adventure with Abraham Lincoln has his guide.  They fly through cyberspace where Abraham learns to discover his gifts and then use his talents to provide for himself.

Abraham encounters Norman Rockwell, Amelia Earhart, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill and Melinda Gates as he learns to be resourceful to meet his dreams and goals.  Each of these famous people encourage him to be courageous, resourceful, creative, and philanthropic. 

After the story, there is a brief glossary of terms and brief biographies about people Abraham encounters in the story.

How we used the product: This book was accessible to all my boys, ages 7 to 13.  Ben chose to read it to himself, and I wanted to read it to Luke and Levi.  It was a fast book to read, taking at most 15 minutes.

Afterwards, the boys and I discussed what is meant by the American Dream.  We also read a few of the bios of the famous people in the story.

My recommendations & thoughts: I was hoping there was more to the book than was actually here. I really liked that the story stressed being charitable with our blessings.

I think the story is trying to find a balance between personal responsibility and the character traits we esteem and the materialism that often times is associated with the American Dream – but I’m not sure that balance was found.  I came away from the story wanting to discuss my own definition of the American Dream and how we can live that out from a Biblical point of view.  And maybe this is where the book achieves its goal – opening a dialog with the next generation about creating opportunities to use God-given gifts to fulfill His purpose in our lives.

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