Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Resources for Homeschooling High School

Here, in no particular order, are resources I found helpful as we are/ were considering all our options for high school:
  • Susan Wise Bauer’s video blog -  I’ve always admired her and taken her recommendations as near gospel-truth.  I so appreciate how in humility she shared own assessment of the first portion of her life as a homeschooling mom:

I didn’t realize that when I watched this video clip, that God was preparing my heart to consider options for Ben’s freshman year that I had not wanted to think about before.
  • Debra Bell’s Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens.  Debra has a special place in my heart, since hers was the first homeschool book I purchased (The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling).  I knew she had the godly wisdom and encouragement I would need for this next phase of life.
Why do I like this?  If you have a 6th or 7th grader, purchase this book now.  It is a resource that will help you think through planning for high school – and there are definitely things you want to do to help your child prepare for whatever decision you make for high school. This book will take you all the way through thinking about homeschooling for high school, learning how teens learn, what to consider in each of the major subjects for high school (even recommendations for websites and curriculum), how to figure credits, and looking at colleges.  She writes with humor and wisdom and will always help you remember the godly task you are embarking on.
  • I attended a one-day practicum in January about the Challenge program from Classical Conversations.  Here I picked up a catalog and read several of the articles about the dialectic and rhetoric years of education.  You, too, can read the catalog’s articles here and there is a summary of the Challenge program as well.
  • I attended a Lee Binz webinar one night in February.  I am not one of those people that is stressed about how to figure out credits and such, but after listening in, I was even more calm about the whole process.  If you attend her webinar, she does pitch her fee-based services at the end.  I’m sure there is value in those products, but I wasn’t interested in them.  If you are nervous about creating grades and credits for your high schooler, I would highly recommend this seminar.
I know that there are a million blogs, websites and books out there about homeschooling through high school – but the resources listed above are the things that have really impacted me over the past few months.  When I mentor new homeschooling moms, I tell them, “The blessing of homeschooling in the 2010s is that there is access to so much great curriculum.  The curse of homeschooling in the 2010s is that there is access to so much great curriculum.”  This is true for embarking on high school as well.  By staying connected to a little bit of new information and a little bit of tried-and-true resources, I am charting our way through the blessing that homeschooling a teen can be.

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