Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mini School Room Re-Do

One of my idiosyncrasies is that I like to move furniture around.  Kind of a lot.  Dave might roll his eyes, but I think it is better to move furniture around than move from house to house every six to twelve months.

I was so happy and grateful to find a convertible futon couch in a plum-y color this past July.  It's already been in two different parts of the school room.  (See?  I told you I have issues.)

But this past week, I was feeling quite restless.  Our homeschool support group is prepping for our used book sale in June, and I wanted to start culling through our resources to find the things I wanted to sell (over $300 worth so far).  But, as I was culling through books, I realized it would be a good time to move furniture.  So, one broken bookshelf and one replacement bookshelf later, here's Our Schoolroom v. 6.0:

View from the door:

Dave build these bookshelf cubbies to fit around the baseboard heating.  I love being able to categorize books in each cubbies (I labeled how I organize some of the cubbies. Others will be re-filled once I finish purchasing items for the fall):


Here's one location the couch can be in. I have wanted to have two bookshelves on this wall since about 6 months after we moved in, but I just never had the umpf to make it happen. Until last week:


The books on the far shelf in the corner are organized by TOG year.  It has Year 1 and Year 2 books on it, plus fun fiction for the boys to enjoy on the two bottom shelves. 

The left-sided bookshelf has more free-reading plus the boys’ shelves.  Ben has the top shelf in this picture (below), Luke the middle and Levi the bottom.  I bought a random piece of laminate shelving at Lowes and cut it to support the shelves and hold the boys’ books and binders upright.  Each boy also has his own color of binder – Ben is red, Luke is green and Levi is orange:


Now I've moved the file cabinet and printer off to the side.  I think I'll like it here!


That bookshelf next to the printer houses Year 3 and Year 4 books + science books.  Someday this summer I’ll probably take all the books of most of the shelves so that I can keep all the TOG books closer. 

I'm going to take the white board off the wall and attach it to the closet door, which is back on after a 4 or 5 year absence.  When the kids were little, having the closet door was a pain, because they were always opening and closing the door to get toys and blocks.  Not such a big issue anymore.

I love how I was able to reorganize a couple shelves to hold science supplies and fit everything in better and still have room to grow:


Finally, I repurposed some wall pockets for new turn in slots.  I love the letter stickers I found at JoAnn’s, too.  I might try to find a corresponding piece of scrapbooking paper to cover the clear plastic of the pocket and lend more uniformity to the wall:


There you go!  I'm determined to get some cheap horizontal blinds this year for more privacy (we do use this room as a guest room when company comes).  Oh, and I do not like the light  that hands from the chain in the middle of the room.  I'm going to have to figure out how to wire the room for overhead lighting this summer as well.

Who am I kiddin'. OK, really, DAVE is going to have to figure it out!

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