Monday, May 20, 2013

Surprises I Found For Next Year


As I was cleaning out our shelves of materials, culling through items we no longer use, I found some gems that I have picked up here and there and have always meant to use.  I’m actually going to pin this post to my own Pinterest board to help me remember!

Both Stories from Africa and Parables for Kids are just plain good read alouds that Luke hasn’t heard since he was a toddler and I doubt Levi has every heard.  I have tons of missionary stories that I want to invest time in during next year.

Rummy Roots will be a great add-on for all the Latin we will all be learning in Classical Conversations next year.

I have several of Kay Arthur’s Children’s Inductive Bible Studies that I want to use next year with Luke and Levi.  I have really been convicted that we need to get back to some systematic Bible Studies next year.

I picked up the Child-size Masterpiece set five years ago with the best of intentions.  I’ll use it this fall and then sell it to purchase the next sets.

We have just completed an art review, and I’m determined to use another product I purchased last year, but didn’t get around to this year:

I’m sure there will be some additional add ins, but is sure is nice to think that we have so much already in our library that will bless us all next year!

Do you have items you’ve been meaning to use for the past year or two?  Make a commitment to break them out and use them in 2012-14!

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