Saturday, June 22, 2013

Random 5 on Friday Saturday with Link Ups

I was visiting over at Memories by Miranda and saw Miranda's meme. I was on a plane all day yesterday and couldn't get this posted, so although I'm a day late, I thought I'd add to the fun. 

1) Big sky. I am a Midwesterner. As much as I love a mountain vista, I love the rolling hills and wide open expanses of sky. I traveled alone to my hometown this week and breathed deep of blue skies, silos, and knee-high corn. Lovely. 

{this is my nephew practicing his putt}

2) Job security. I came home to four males who showed me that I am indispensable to my family. To be fair, my husband works from home in a business start up and had a bunch if kid activities dumped in him with my sudden departure for my hometown and a funeral. He didn't get my memo that gave him permission to cancel out on a couple activities and tried to do it all. Poor guy. 

3) Natural Consequences. I have a certain student who is not finished with his 8th grade year yet. He's not allowed to go to friends' houses or sleep overs until all work is turned in. I know this is the right thing to do, but I'm really ready to close the books on 8th grade.  This is testing my perseverance in doling out consequences.

4) Geek. I'm learning Latin this summer. I'm taking an online class geared for parents. It is fast paced, but totally doable. I want to give Kathy Sheppard props for a great program that is accessible to moms/ parents who want a firmer foundation for teaching their children. 

5) Nerd. Next up for me to re-learn is Algebra II. I know this sounds tortuous to some, but I can't wait!

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