Tuesday, July 2, 2013

For Sale!

I am still cleaning out our schoolroom to make space for 2013-14.  If you see something you’d like to purchase but don’t like the price, please message me and let’s try to make a deal!  
DSCN2338 Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading $5ppd

{There is a crease on the cover.}

DSCN2350 Editor in Chief book A1.  The first passage is completed in pencil.  $5ppd

DSCN2344 Write Shop Jr.  Great for 3-4th grade.  Unused student pages included.  $10ppd
DSCN2341 Revenge of the Riddle Spiders.  Works great, no scratches.  Grades 4-7. My kids hate spiders so much they won’t even look at the cover of this CD-ROM!  Asking $7ppd
DSCN2345 WriteShop Primary A.  This is better for K or a reluctant 1st grader.  $10ppd

All prices are media mail shipping from a smoke free home.  PayPal is preferred.   Please email me at alane at iname.com (assemble) if you are interested in anything here.

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