Monday, July 1, 2013

Trying to be Gluten Free - Pasta Salad with Sausage

My husband has been eating gluten-free for the last month or so to help with weight loss and improve his cholesterol. I decided to join him for support and for the health benefits. This isn't totally novel to us; we have gone through a stint of eating according to paleo principles and I was amazed at how much more energy I had in the afternoons when I ditched the sandwiches. 

I've decided that I wasn't going to have to  boys make this diet adjustment, and that I would just try to conform our gluten-free meals to some of the items they like to eat-- like pasta. 

I've been experimenting  with the rice flour based pastas for Dave and me. They are at least twice the price of regular pastas, but I'd rather have my husband grow old with me than have an extra $1 in the bank. I think they mimic regular pasta quite well, but I do have to cook the noodles a little longer to reach an al dente texture. Here is a yummy pasta salad I make quickly for Dave and I:


I mixed the pasta with some tomatoes and broccoli slaw and pan fried some sliced gluten free sausage. I'm also trying to avoid unnecessary sugars, so I just used some of our favorite spices, oil and vinegar as a dressing. I think next time I might quickly pan fry the broccoli slaw to soften its texture a bit. Since Dave is on a low vitamin K diet, I can only give him small amounts of rich greens to eat each day. This was so easy, though, that I can mix it up a variety of veggies so we don't get bored. 

If you are experimenting with paleo or gluten-free eating, I'd love to hear how it is working for you!  My husband lost 7 lbs. in about 3-4 weeks without changing anything but the gluten. I haven't really been tracking my weight, but I certainly feel less bloated and more full during the day. I even think I'm eating less! 

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Unknown said...

I have recently (4-5 weeks ago) started a gluten-free diet. I started because through research I found out that some folks that suffer from acid reflux do better on the gluten-free diet. It took about 3-4 weeks for me to see a difference, but their is definitely a difference and I do feel better. Luckily I have a friend that recently started a business out of her home and I get all my gluten-free mixes from her. So far my favorite gluten-free pasta is made by heartland. I am not to fond of the brown rice pastas.