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{Blog Hop} 5 Days of … Memory Work – Day 4


Organizing my Foundations Guide for Memory Work

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If you have stuck with me through this week, you have seen little tips I’ve picked up from here and there to help me organize for CC which starts for my high schooler in 4 weeks and my 5th and 2nd grader in about 6 weeks.  I am pretty sure it is going to be a crazy September (did I also mention I’m the Tutor/Director for Challenge II?) to say the least, so I’m working on getting ducks in a row now.

The Foundations Guide (which sells at the CC store for $60) is a week-by-week guide of all the memory work your student is going to learn during the 24 weeks. The price does seem steep for a regurgitation of what they kids learn, but one guide is used for all 3-years of the rotation, so it breaks down to only $20/ year in a 3-year rotation. 

Here are some suggestions for prepping your Guide to make it easy to use in the fall.

(1) Use a binder clip to section off the years you don’t need. 


(Remember, I warned you that I wasn’t re-inventing the wheel with any of these tips)

(2) Throw some love at Post-It Filing Tabs. I found these curved ones on clearance at my local store a few weeks ago.  I put one on the tope for Cycle two:


But I also noticed that there was a wealth of additional information each cycle.  Divided by subject, I put labels on all the Cycle 2 information:
I placed tabs for the following sections:
  1. Memory Work Subject Summary
  2. Scripture Passage
  3. Science Experiments and Projects
  4. Fine Arts (which really has three sub-sections – music theory, great artists, and orchestra and composers)
  5. History Timeline – This is a neat section that I just discovered when I was getting this post ready.  For each history sentence learned during the week, you can use this quick chart to find the relevant Timeline Card to expand on the sentence.

I’m going to have to add two additional tabs – one for the Latin verb conjugations that Foundations students learn and one for the geography map appendix.

(3) Make notes about resources you can use for further reading.  Our past use of Tapestry of Grace has left us with a very nice library of books about practically every period in history.  I’m grateful for all these books, and plan to use them to dig deeper into interesting topics.  In just a few minutes, I was able to find some resources that correspond with the history sentences of the week, so I left a sticky note on pages so I can easily find materials when we make out our weekly schedule. 


I also plan to look through our literature books and do the same – find great literature to go along with some of the topics and throw another stick note on the page.  I’m hoping to do about 6 quality read alouds with the boys this year.  This may not seem like a lot (and it really isn’t considering what I’ve done with Ben in the past), but I’m going for much, not many this year.  What I mean is this:  I’d rather do fewer read alouds with Luke and Levi, but really have a chance to enjoy them and discuss them than race through a lot of books and not recall what they are about!

With this post – phew! – I think I’m done organizing our Foundations memory work.  This is getting me excited!

Tomorrow’s post:   Organizing Memory Work for Middle/ High School

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