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{Blog Hop} 5 Days of Memory Work–Day 2


Organizing Memory Work Cards


First of all, I just want to be open and honest about this series of blog posts – there is no huge, amazing revelation that I’m sharing with you.  Rather, much if not all that I’m sharing with you can be gleaned  from several Pinterest boards or from reading a couple forum posts here-and-there.  What I’m attempting to do here is put together a little-of-this and a little-of-that and help connect the dots as a resource for those new to Classical Conversations and/or memory work.

At my  summer practicum in June, I purchased our first set of Classical Conversations Memory Work Cards.  I really like that they are nicely laminated, sturdy, and color coded.


It seemed impossible that a 2” loose-leaf ring (purchased a set of 9 rings at Staples for about $4.00) would hold all the cards.  Indeed, it did work, but I read on several sites that dividing them into 6 week sets make the cards manageable to use on a daily basis.  I don’t want my cards to get too beat up, so I decided to break them up into four groups.

(And just so you know, my set of 9 rings quickly was reduced to 8 rings as one broke when I was trying to open it.  Now I know why they are sold in such a funny lot size.)


When opened the cards are organized by subject – all the timeline cards are together, history sentences, Latin, etc.  I just reorganized them into sets for weeks 1-6, 7-12 (first semester), 13-18, and 19-24 (second semester).
One thing you’ll want to watch is that the Latin cards are used two weeks in a row.  So, for the first six weeks, there are only 3 cards (week 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6).
Another site suggested grouping the cards by week instead of subject.  In the picture above, I sorted the first six weeks’ cards by week.  The cards at the top of the picture are the 3 Latin cards.  I decided to keep those separated out from the rest of the week cards.
You can see in the picture above that each card is used for four weeks. OK, so this is the reason I decided to leave these pink cards out of the weekly rainbow sequence.  The are together at the end of the ring (see below).
This is my set of memory cards for the first 6 weeks of Foundations.  If this system works well, I’ll re-arrange the rest of the cards as we use them.
The four rings are hanging from a super heavy magnetic hook on the file cabinet, ready for the fall!

We will also use the memory work CD, which contains two CDs – one that organizes the memory work by subject and one that organizes the memory work by week.  I will burn these CDs to the iPad and my phone. I’ll also keep the CDs in the car for practice there.  I plan to assign them some time each day to listen and practice memory work on their own in addition to our morning meeting when we will get the bulk of our memory work practice done.

Tomorrow’s post:   Organizing for Timeline Memory Work

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