Friday, September 13, 2013

One Big Run

Ben ran a mountainous 25K on Labor Day Weekend.  Yes, you read that right 25k, or 15.53 miles.  In. Sane.

Ben participated in the Jay Peak Trail Fest at Jay Peak VT.  It it practically in Canada.  About 100 other crazy people ran with him.  Oh, the other crazy thing about Ben's run....he ran the entire course barefoot.  Some of the other runners nicknamed him Tarzan.

Except when he runs for a school cross country team, Ben usually runs barefoot.  When he was younger, he used to have a lot of foot pain.  This pediatrician said we could go have him fit for orthotics, but at about that time, my husband was reading a lot about barefoot running to help with some of his biomechanical running injuries.  They both purchased those funny Five Finger gorilla shoes and would run in those.  After a while, Dave just encouraged Ben to walk around without shoes on and he's certainly build up some pretty tough feet!  

Ben arrived at the finish line with no foot injuries.  No limping.  No cuts.  Considering the terrain (everything from single track to fire roads to water bars and more), I think that is amazing.

Proud Papa and "Tarzan" Ben.

I am pretty proud of my Ben for setting a goal and accomplishing this feat/ feet.

My hubby designed this logo for the series of races.  Pretty proud of him, too.

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