Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekly Report: Week 2

{I'm trying this year to get back into the habit of weekly posts about our weeks.  I am close to tears most days as I realize how fast time is flying by, and how old my boys are getting.  A way for me to treasure the days is to write about what we are doing and remember the little things.}
We are nearly complete with our second full week of school -- at least Ben and I are.  Our Classical Conversations community began two weeks ago for the Challenge program.  Life certainly has been different for the past couple weeks!

  • Ben has been so diligent about his work.  Considering some of the issues we had last year, I am so grateful and proud of my son and how hard he is working.  He did get himself into a bit of a bind during the first week ~ we had to be out of town for Labor Day weekend and Ben didn't completely account for that in his schedule.  Thus, Monday night he was up until 1:30 am doing research for his current events assignment.  I cut him a break in that he only found one article about euthanasia instead of two.  I also stayed up with him, because I thought it was best to show him compassion in that way.  Let me just say that I am so grateful that God walked with me that evening and helped me show love  and compassion while Ben lived out his consequences.  It was a period of growth for Ben -- and he definitely has been working this week to make sure he is not up until such wee hours again.
    September 2013 - Freshman Year
  • Since I am tutoring Challenge II, I am working like a dog during the evenings to stay up to speed with my students.  I am completing most of the practice math problems in each of the four lessons students have to complete each week.  I am reading the cultural history books and we are having great discussions - in spite of a such a small class size (two + me).  I am reviewing my Latin during a couple evenings a week.  And pre-reading as much as I can.  I will say that I am trying to survive all this and give my sudents my all.  
  • Luke and Levi finally get to start their Foundations classes next week.  Luke will also be in Essentials while Levi has a 2-hour art class (!! - so excited about this).  In the meantime, I've been trying to get back into a routine with them -- we've started math, spelling, and Bible study.  I'm so grateful for all our reviews over the past few years with The Old Schoolhouse -- a lot of what we've reviewed have become standard curriculum for us this year.  This has blessed us financially right when we needed it and has provided some additional continuity for us. 

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