Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weekly Report - Week 3: Happy Learning Noises


What a wonderful week this was!  After two awkward weeks of Classical Conversations work for Ben and I, this week Luke and Levi finally had their chance to begin their Foundations program, Luke's Essential program, and Levi's afternoon art class.  We were all able to share the day together, eat lunch kinda-sorta together and come home together.  It was lovely.

My fb post from Tuesday night:

I'm a bit of a sap right now. Luke and Levi are happily quizzing and helping each other with their Classical Conversations' memory work during their bedtime snack. So precious to hear their voices reciting Latin verb end sings, science facts, history and parts of speech. Their interaction and happiness is making my eyes well with happy tears.
The boys love working on their memory work.  We divided our week up like this:

Wed. & Thurs. - The boys and I practiced memory work for a few minutes, then they did sections of their Binder Builder from A Journey Through Learning. Over the two days, the books wrote out their history sentence and make mini-books for Latin, Science, and Grammar.

Friday - I found a worksheet on Pinterest to expand on the Science of the week -- biomes.

on Monday, we'll read a little about Charlemagne.  Luke and Levi will do some sort of write up.

We also got Luke going on his new spelling program -- Excellence in Spelling from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).  I listened to a talk by Andrew Paduwa called Spelling and the Brain.  As I listened, I recognized so many things that make me think that Luke needed to try this auditory-based spelling program.  So, we're trying it.

Luke doesn't usually smile with spelling.  This entire week he has been though.  And he's been doing well.  Two lists down in just over 6 days.  He even has been heard to say the words "love" and "spelling" in the same sentence.

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