Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly Report: Week #5 - They Won't Stop Learning!

This was Luke and Levi's 3rd Foundations and Essentials class and my 5th week as a Challenge II tutor.  It has been a good, good week, and I'm happy to say that Luke and Levi are goind so well in CC.

My plan to have the boys work on their memory work using a lapbook/ notebook from A Journey Through Learning.  It is just enough to add to our morning:  copywork, some mini-books, and some notebooking pages.  I've been able to find some additional resources to expand on science (a worksheet here and there) and I'm trying to find at least one thing that will help us with history.

I pulled out two games I have for the Middle Ages: Professor Noggins' Medieval Period trivia game and this discontinued product I picked up at a curriculum sale:

My purpose in having these games is just to inject some fun into our routine -- and it is working:

Our studies this week included watching a YouTube video about the Bayeux Tapestry.  We learned this week about William the Conqueror and I thought this video, in which some of the characters sewn on the tapestry come to life, would be a good tool to introduce life in the early Middle Ages to the boys.  At only about 13 min. long, it was a perfect length.  Sadly, nothing to add into our history notebook but I'm not going for filling a book as much as filling a mind this year {italics are for my own reminder, because I'm sure I'll forget in a few weeks}.

This week we talked about Consumers, Producers and Decomposers for science.  I have a few things still up my sleeve for particular topic -- because it involves SO much -- but I don't know if we'll get to it. You can see my pin on Pinterest with a few specific episodes that deal with the food cycle.

Language Arts:  This is such an important topic for us this year -- and I have a lot of our basis covered, but am still missing some reading for Luke.  Levi and I broke out his Pathway Reader book from last year.  For Luke, I have Reading Detective.  Additionally, I'm planning on getting several Progeny Press Literature Guides for grade-appropriate literature.  We've reviewed a couple and I think the structure will be helpful for us.  We are going to start with  Farmer Boy.  Others I'm considering: Charlotte's Web, A Cricket in Times Square.  These are in the 3-5 grade range.  I'd like to finish out the year with a book(s) in the middle school range: Shiloh, Sign of the Beaver,  or Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.

Levi is rocking through Logic of English;  the spelling lists are easy right now, but I appreciate the dialectic questions that are part of the course to help him think about how to spell words he encounters.  In this picture he is classifying words for a grammar lesson. 

Challenge B:  Each week, Ben is getting better at managing his time.  On Monday he finished his literature paper a little late, but he proved that he is like his mama:  the pressure of a deadline brings out the best in him.  He had been sweating his introductory paragraph, but ended up crafting a good one. 

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