Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekly Report: Week 7 - Hundred Year's War and The Plague

We are blessed to live exactly 1.9 miles from a creative couple that lives in a keep!  Our Classical Conversations community has spent the last few Fridays on a tour of their home learning about life in the Middle Ages.

Our turn came this past week.  The boys had a great time learning about subsistence lifestyles of the peasants.  Then we had a simple lunch of bread, apples and cheese while the children asked questions and we learned more about life during this time.



Luke finished his retelling of the Sword in the Stone this week.  He is doing a very good job of using dress ups, decorations and sentence openers.  I do feel like I am missing something because I cannot be in the Essentials seminar (since I am a Challenge II tutor/ director), but I'm grateful to have used a lot of IEW writing products in the past, and we are just working through the material.

I spent some time last week printing out and customizing Half a Hundred Acre Wood's CC planner.. I purchased The Well Planned Day Planner at the beginning of the year, but it is just not working for me.  The boys each have planners, and I just need something that helps me organize my thoughts about Luke and Levi's CC work and some of the little extras I'm using. I'm really very happy with the downloadable planner from Half a Hundred Acre.  With a couple little tweaks here and there, it is helping to remind me of resources I wanted to add to our day. The picture below shows Luke and Levi coloring a picture of a knight in his Hundred Year's War (from Dover's Knights and Armor coloring book) period armor while listening to Story of the World audio book (Chapters 25 and 26 this week).

This is really a very terrible admission to make, but I don't want anyone to think that I've got it ALL together.  Far from the truth.  One of the things I have failed to do this year is to carry out Levi's writing program PAL from IEW.  I did some planning for it at the beginning of the year but I just have felt too swamped to carry it out.  Next week, though, is my week to nail it! {We have company coming this week, so there is no. way.  I'm going to add anything to my plate.}

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