Friday, November 22, 2013

Crossing Over


Recently we were able to celebrate a special event – Luke crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts!

Since Luke became a Webelo, he and I have had the plan to allow him to earn his Arrow of Light award early and cross over into Boy Scouts about 4 months ahead of schedule.  I could sense that Luke, as much as he loved hanging with the boys in his dean, really needed to move up and be challenged by the maturity and wisdom of the senior Boy Scouts in Ben’s troop.

Luke and I worked really hard in his first year of Webelos to achieve 7 activity badges.  He recently finished off four more and was perfectly happy to stop there, cross over and move on.

To help mark such hard work, I searched the internet to determine what sort of memento I could make for him.

I found this stencil of the Arrow of Light symbol {click stencil to be taken to the website}:


and transferred it to a plaque. 

Photo 2


The deerskin laces are for hanging a Cub Scout Career arrow.  This is how I spent a rockin’ Friday night while the boys and Dave watched a movie:

Photo 3



But it was all worth it:



One of the things I really, really loved is how God orchestrated the night.  We met at our church, and Luke was able to cross over in front of The Cross; normally pack meetings are at the local elementary school.  

Dear Luke,

Your dad and I are so proud of your hard work.  You stuck with your plan to achieve the Arrow of Light even when you were tempted to give up. Your perseverance paid off.  Always do your best, sweet boy.  Work hard. Pray often.  God will bless your efforts.

Love, Mom

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