Friday, November 1, 2013

My Fall Craft

I don't often have time to invest in lots of crafty things these days.  I haven't digitally scrapbooked in a few years and I stopped learning to knit a while back, too.  I'm mostly too brain dead at the end of the day to have to think.

But one of my first pins a few Halloweens ago was this {click picture to take you to the original post}:

{Midwest Living}

As cute as I thought these were, I did not want to spend my time making something that would not last past this November.

As I ran into a JoAnn's fabric and craft, I saw some faux pumpkins and decided this was the year I'd make something!
                           Sharpies.  This would be my paint.
This is the brand my local JoAnn's carried.

I drew out my design and started coloring it in:

And I have these awesome pumpkins to use for the next few years:


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