Friday, November 15, 2013

Star Wars Music Experience

We had an amazing opportunity in October to visit the Portland Symphony Orchestra's Discovery Concert where we enjoyed listening to various scores from the Star Wars movie.
The symphony and conductor did an job of relating orchestral music to children (and their parents) in an accessible way.  How often to we really think about the music score of a movie being an orchestral production?  How often do we really notice the affect the music has on our movie viewing experience? I loved that Death Star Storm troopers, R2D2, C3P0, and even Darth Vader made an appearance at the concert.  I guess they enjoy symphony music as well.

Not only was the concert experience wonderful, but the pre-concert activities were fun for my boys as well.  Two-thirds of my boys are not the most outgoing children on the planet, but they fully enjoyed the opportunity to walk outside of their comfort zones and try out a variety of music instruments at the pre-concert Instrument Petting Zoo {I had never heard of this before either}.

Instruments were dividing into sections, and the children were aloud to handle them, finger them, and blow into them.

{The mouth pieces were cleaned between children.} {Except the oboe reed.  Not sure how many contagions we collected there, but no one got sick in the week after this experience. }
I'm looking forward to taking the boys back in the spring for their Harry Potter Concert.  Way to go, PSO, for hosting such a fantastic event!

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