Monday, December 9, 2013

The Great Thanksgiving Pie Saga v.2013


The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was set aside as “Home Economics Day” in our homeschool.  Well, not really; it was a vacation day – but learning about life is a 24/7/365 endeavor when you home educate your children, so even vacation days are educational.  (And just so I don’t perpetuate any myths that my kids are always happy about this, I’ve heard plenty of comments such as this whine: “Mooooom, do we always have to learn SOMEthing?”  Yes, they are totally ‘normal’ children.)

This year, I was responsible for making pumpkin pie and apple pie for our extended family Thanksgiving dinner.  This works well, because we as a family help put on a Thanksgiving morning 5K with the local running club in town  {more about this in another post}.  The race finishes about 10:30, and we come home, shower, and jump in the car and head to my mother-in-law’s, so pie works as a great grab-and-go contribution.

As I mentioned in another post, I put Ben in charge of apple pie this year.  Gotta love the Better Homes and Garden cookbook, my go-to for staples like apple pie. yumyum.

Levi and Luke wanted to help with the pumpkin. I’m a big fan of the canned pumpkin (because I’ve never cooked down a sugar pumpkin and use it in a pie), so that is what we used.  The boys had a fun time helping me:


After all the fun, though, we could not hold on to a pumpkin this Thanksgiving to save our lives. Thus starts our saga…

First pumpkin pie (the one that is still under construction in the picture above) never cooked.  I’m not 100% sure what happened (the oven works fine), but the filling never set, but the crust really, really browned (as in burned).  That pie made it to the trashcan (after Daisy managed to lick out about 1/3 of the filling.  gross!).

I sent to boys and Dave to pick up a store-made pie.  That one made it to the parking lot before being accidently dropped.  Ben and Luke were running in the parking lot when Ben (holding the pie) remembered they shouldn’t be running in a parking lot (glad he remembered this).  He put his arm out (the one carrying the pie) to stop Luke, which it did; but when Luke slammed into his arm, the pie went flying in the air (so I’m told) and landed upside down.  Truly it wasn’t horrible, but it was no pretty, smooth pie top.

Then the apple.  Oh, the beautiful apple pie.  Levi was helping me carry things out to the car on Thanksgiving morning when he accidently dropped it, on its side, then upside down.  It looked like a soccer ball, deflated on one side.  And the pretty latticed topping…looked un-latticed like.  I did not lose my temper at Levi, but I did cry. 

Can’t forget Levi’s 4” personal pumpkin pie – a leftover from the thanksgiving 5K that our family manages for the local running community.  After arriving home to clean up from the race, jump in the car, Daisy accidentally stepped on Levi’s pie.  Levi didn’t lose his temper, but he sure did cry a lotta tears on that one.

So, that is our Saga.  Pies win it, 4-0.  All told, however, three of our pies did get eaten;  actually, all four did, when I consider that Daisy {our golden retriever} had some of the pie-that-would-not-cook.

Driving off to our Thanksgiving dinner, Dave and I belly laughed as we totaled the fate of all our pies.

And even though I cried (I tried not to) about the apple pie, I did decided to be grateful:

“we'll chose to be grateful we can afford pie, grateful we have wonderful kids who can drop them, a loving dog that can stomp on it, and wonderful family and friends near and afar to share our pie saga with (and hopefully can share some desserts that haven't spent time upside down). All in a country that we love.”

If I think about it, we should probably try bringing mashed potatoes next year.  Just give bags of cooked potatoes to the boys and let them carry them around for a few days.  They should be mashed and smashed just perfectly for Thanksgiving 2014. 

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Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

LOL, I LOVE the idea of boys carrying around the cooked potatoes. With three boys, I can definitely relate.