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Homeschool Mother’s Journal - January 24, 2014


In our homeschool this week…

We needed a re-boot this week.  So, the dining room table was cleaned off and the little boys and I sat there to work on Bible lessons together.  reaping a harvest, homeschool,, Bible studyAt least for our family, there is much good to be had, more progress forward, and a tad more diligence in our work when we sit at the dining room table.  We only have three ‘home’ school days during our six-week ski lesson season, so diligence and efficiency are highly needed. 

Another thing that I’ve noticed over the years:  when God’s Word is the foundation of a day, efficiency and diligence easily follow.  Both days that we started with 30-minutes or more of Bible Study (still using Bible Study Guide for All Ages) we were able to easily stay focused and complete more our our daily tasks than usual.

I share this as a reminder to myself mostly.  I can be easily swayed to change the focus of our day on the pursuit of academics (math!  spelling!  read!) instead.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

This week in the Biology seminar I tutor in my community’s Classical Conversation Challenge II program, we finally began dissections! Here is our worm:  homeschool, high school, biology dissection

One of the things that I wanted my students to do (besides read the chapter!) was to watch a dissection.  I really enjoyed the earthworm dissection demonstration by Biologybyme and will encourage my students to watch all of his dissections for specimens we’ll be using.

Places we went…

This was week 3 of ski lessons.  When we were about 5 miles from the exit we received a call about the lessons – they were cancelled.  Apparently there was no power, which is the only reason this particular resort ever closes.  I assumed it had something to do with the extreme cold, but apparently power lines were knocked down after a vehicle collision. 

I was not sad about this coincidence (closed resort/ extreme cold) at all.  Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy skiing, but not in negative degree wind chill temperatures.

My favorite thing this week was…

Luke was working on a report about Michelangelo this week for his Classical Conversations Essentials project.  We had to put in a lot more work on this on Monday that I had really wanted, but (again) with a short school week, it had to be done.

Luke had three reference materials that he had to make key word outlines with.  He ended up a little frustrated with all. the. work. that he had to do.  Once his notes were taken, he had to make a fused outline – taking the information he found on each of the topics and melding it into one coherent paragraph per topic.  Luke was so sad –- “I have to make another outline?”  I helped him through this by asking questions to help him organize the information.  Next up:  the rough draft.  This was when tears started to flow, and I came to the rescue: 

“Luke, I am going to tell you something now that will make you happy and sad.  The sad part is that you have to do this report today.  It is due in class tomorrow. The happy part is this:  Because you took good notes from your books and made an outline of exactly what you want to say, writing your draft is, truly, the easy part.  You already know what you want to say!  All you have to do is read your key word outline and make these ideas into complete sentences!”

I will tell you that I’m so proud of my guy.  He sat at the computer and worked his fingers to create a draft – no tears!  And I’ve never seen anyone so happy.  He really learned the value of a good notes, a good outline and a little more perseverance.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…

This weekend is Pinewood Derby and Levi has made a fantastic themed car.  He is way more into the design of the car than speed.  The theme is “Fast Food” and he made a burger-and-fry basket.  We used Crayola Model Magic to shape a slider and fries.

homeschool, pinewood derby,

Levi was disappointed that his car was the slowest in all four of his heats.  However, this award – Best Themed Car – made all the difference in the world:


Ben’s favorite subject right now is Logic.  He’s taking intermediate logic right now, and I’ve been able to help (only a little) and reboot a bit of my brain from my college years.

I forgot to add that Luke is still cranking it with long division.  He totally gets it now, and I’m just thrilled.  We are in a sweet spot for math with him.  Luke and I also had to dig through closets to come up with his Michelangelo costume for his presentation next week.  He has to read his report in such a way that people will have to guess who he is.  Luke has always been the child who never outgrew dressing up in costumes, so he is really looking forward to this.

I’m grateful for…

I mentioned last week that my husband and I were having some difficult conversations about some issues going on in our life.  I buckled down last week and got my nose back into The Word.  I so know that God has been with me us on this rough journey and that he has been showing us his blessings and favor.  We’ve been able to get to a point to finalize some dealings with business associates and move on in life.  This past few months have taught me to lean in to the Word more when I am feeling stressed. I’m grateful to have learned this and am re-aligning myself with my Savior.

I rewarded my kids this week by…

(shhh)…we ate pizza twice this week (including a use of our Pizza Hut reading program certificates)…and the weekend isn’t even here yet.  They were not disappointed.


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