Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Great Christmas Surprise, part 3– Midship Detective Agency


I’ll admit it took a good two days of our four day cruise for me to figure my way around the ship. (Please don’t quiz me on ‘starboard’ and ‘port’!)  Children (and those kids-at-heart), however, have a fun way of learning the ship – The Midship Detective Agency.  No villain goes free on a Disney ship!

Disney has an amazing collection of art on this ship, but some of the frames are actually computer screens/ monitors – or ‘enchanted art.’ 


Levi and his Opa are picking the mystery they want to solve.  This starting point was located on Deck 5 of the ship. When you leave this station, you’ll have a map/ suspect list, pencil for marking out suspects, and a badge shaped QR badge to hold up to the screens.
We’ve arrived at one of the art pieces.  Levi held up his badge to the screen and was given a short description of some clues that had been found.  Usually, Levi held the badge up to the screen to help him find the clue – he would use it as a flashlight or even a screwdriver to find a hidden clue.
I think we had to wait for a couple other kids to use the screen before we did, but that didn’t matter, because there isn’t a specific order you have to pay attention to.  The other two kids had totally different clues because they were at a different part of the mystery than we were (plus, there are two separate mysteries – a stolen art one and stolen puppies).  After hearing our clues, we read through the suspects and were able to cross off a couple of bad guys/ gals – all of which are common Disney antagonists.

{The screen above my head was being flakey, but it wasn’t part of the mystery.  Some of the screen scroll through different scenes, and I think this was one like that.}

This really helped them to learn the parts of the ship and the different levels.  After this, I was never worried about them getting lost.  While I wouldn’t let Levi run around the ship by himself, I had no concerns about Ben (14) or Luke (11) walking by themselves to to different activities and decks.  You can view an introduction to this fun activity on several YouTube videos such as this one here.

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