Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{Not so} Worldless Wednesday: Food Fight


We’ve been having discussions (mostly with Ben and his hollow leg) lately about being considerate with food that is in the house.  Ben and his Dad seem to think that once food is brought into the house, it is fair game.  And they wonder why I hide items in various places. Now, the things I hide are usually for a specific recipe or treat that I want to wait to share with them.  You know, like kisses for Christmas cookies, chips for Sunday’s lunch after church. Marshmallows and graham crackers for summer s’mores.

I just learned, much to my dismay, that my boys know my hiding spots.  So much for me being clever!

The resolution of this growing problem hasn’t been agreed upon.  They want me to label food that they can’t eat.  I want them to ask first.  I think I am right; they think everything is fair game.  I’ve got two voracious eaters in the wings, so I know I need a game plan soon.

I decided to test out the labeling idea. 

I brought home yummy leftovers from our First Date of 2014 last night (enchiladas!). To humor my always-on-the-prowl-for-good-food 14 year old, I texted him this picture: image8

And my witty son replied back with this series of pictures:

image 7
basement cupboard/ pantry claimed by Ben
refrigerator and freezer claimed by Ben
Upper cabinet claimed by Ben
Snack drawer claimed by Ben

Ben 1, Mom 0.


moosiechica said...

Oh that was TOO funny!!! This is exactly what happens in my house with food - skiing food has to be bought the DAY before skiing, otherwise, it'll be eaten well before Thursday. And forget about buying crackers for soup - by the time I get the soup done, there are none to be had. I'm with you, though - I'd rather have them ASK first before eating, rather than having to label everything. But what I do now is I leave all the stuff I don't want them to eat in the grocery bags - and far be it for ANY of them to actually help in putting groceries away, the food happily remains uneaten until I need it! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Very funny!