Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Great Christmas Surprise, part 4- Our Stateroom


It sounds so fancy, doesn’t it?  Stateroom.  Makes me think we are important!

Nana surprised us with some Bon Voyage decorations which surprised us upon entering our stateroom for the first time:



We took the placard to guest services and they asked Mickey and his buddies to sign it for Levi.  Very happy boy.



A fun sign.



The magnetic Bon Voyage sign is on our refrigerator to remind me of warm weather (it is about 2* right now, so I need all the warm thoughts I can get) and wonderful memories.



Chocolate pops for the boys before bed (hey, it’s vacation).


This picture is actually my mom and dad’s stateroom, but we had adjoining rooms and it looked exactly like this except we had blue upholstery.


The queen sized bed was very comfortable.  Thee blue striped curtain on the right side divides the room in half, which had a pull down bunk and pull out single bed (not guess Ben’s couch hadn’t been pulled out into a bed yet):




morning cuddles

Every evening we enjoyed returning to our room to see what animal had been formed from the bed cover or towel:












hanging monkey

Our room had a beautiful veranda as well, and I really loved how the door had full-sized windows on each side, so that it let in so much light and sunshine in the morning.  It really added spaciousness to the room, which is really only about 300 square feet big.

Did I already mention that I love the split bathrooms in these staterooms?  One half had a sink + bathtub, and the other had the commode + sink.  I hope whoever thought of this idea is a gazillionaire because of it.  For  traveling families – this set up was pure brilliance.

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