Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Great Christmas Surprise, part 5- Characters!


Levi was the perfect age to indulge in character meet and greats.  Luke (11) is playful enough that he had fun.  Ben (14), well, he tolerated us a few times:

Minnie waving good-bye to us as we walk across the gangway to board the ship:



Our first character meet and greet:



Can you believe I didn’t even see Goofy as I passed him? 


This is my absolutely favorite picture forever of my boys:


Levi and I went to every show.  This was the Pirates In The Caribbean Party.




One of my new favorite things to do at Epcot.  Family-friendly improv comedy:



Boy, did we luck out at both parades on our Magic Kingdom day.  We were at the beginnings of both of them, with great seats:


When my mom made dinner reservations, she noticed we had never eaten at the Crystal Palace before, so she booked our Magic Kingdom dinner here – not sure she knew it was where Pooh and friends were going to be, but I was so glad everyone was happy to see them all:


…and then a little dancing ‘round the restaurant:


I’m thinking Ben was in such an agreeable mood with Pooh and friends because he had just eaten to his heart’s content at the fabulous buffet dinner here.  Hmmm, feed him food, then take him to see characters!

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