Friday, March 14, 2014

The Last Court of Honor


The beginning of January brought our careers in Boy Scouts to an end.  Luke had crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts in November, where he was welcomed into our troop by the adult leadership and the boys themselves.  Then, after a delay because of weather, both boys participated in our troop’s last Court of Honor as Boy Scouts. 

Ben was awarded his Life rank.  I’m so glad that he pushed through and was able to achieve this distinction.  No, it is not an Eagle;  I had always hoped to be the mom of an Eagle Scout (or two or three), but God’s plans for our family are better than my own.


It is good to reflect on where Ben has come from his first Boy Scout Court of Honor.  He used to have such a hard time thinking of something to say when asked questions about the merit badges or achievements.  He spoke so tentatively – and certainly with a different pitch in his voice.

But Ben, who is a lot like me, has come out of his shell quite a bit at these events.  I’m so proud of him.

I’ve always loved the tradition of receiving the mother’s pin…

…And likewise I have always been grateful that fathers have the honor of awarding the achievement badge.

We haven’t left boys’ adventure programming altogether.  Our entire troop has just moved on to associate itself with a different organization.  As a committee and group of parents who are wanting to raise our boys up together, we all believed that God was leading us in another direction from where the Boy Scouts were headed.  Oh, it was a hard thing to do…to leave the well-walked path and start with something new.  But, our group has already been blessed with additional young men who are now interested in our new program.  We are now free to teach the boys additional skills, such as hunting and marksmanship (yes, gun safety and rifle skills).  We are encouraged in our new relationship with our charter organization, who desires to be more intentional than just signing a charter renewal each year. 

Much about our group hasn’t changed – the boys still pray during meetings, we still offer a Bible-driven, Christ-centered program.  We will still do our own versions of Summer Camp with unique trips and adventures. 

We are grateful for this new adventure.

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