Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Little Love Letter to My Sons

Dear boys,

We are at the point in life when you often roll your eyes when I grab the camera to take a picture of some combination of you three.  "Is this for your blog?"  you ask. 

The whole purpose for starting this blog was just to write down this amazing journey of home educating you three.  To share with family how you are growing.  An online scrapbook.  It has morphed since I started this, but that is OK. 

Today, dear boys, I had a God moment while working through an online Bible study.  I am reading a book called Living So That.  Last week I was so impressed by God about one of the days of study that I made Ben sit down with me and go through part of the lesson.  The lessons in this book are so applicable to anyone at any stage in life, that I am going to keep sharing what I'm learning with combinations of you guys.

I wanted to share with you this screen shot.  It will be helpful to you in your lives (I promise!) because you will wonder at times, is this really what God wants me to do?

Now boys, this isn't really rocket science or anything new.  By the time you leave the house, you will probably have heard this from me at least a dozen times.  Recently, Ben has noticed how similar his Sunday school teachings are to what is being preached from the pulpit.  That is so good.  God is speaking and it is wise to listen and pray.

I love you, boys. 

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