Thursday, April 10, 2014

March Madness

We are not a basketball sort of family.  But every once in a while it is nice to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

So with no more insight that knowing how to read a sports bracket, all five Abbetts took individual shots at creating An NCAA Bracket Of Awesomness.

We are a high stakes betting family here.  I arranged a prize that is truly beyond all prizes.

Winner picks ice cream flavor.

This was a BIG deal for me.  I like nuts.  My favorite is Butter Pecan. I had already announced that Butter Pecan would rule the freezer if I won. Or maybe one of BP and the other a mocha-peanut butter- nutty something or other.  Can you believe I'd be so mean to my family, where all three of my boys dislike nuts?

Luke and Levi with all 5 of our brackets predictions

Since none of us has ever picked anything from the brackets, our family rule involved no money but we did have a huge handicap -- we were able to tally all our wins from the beginning of the series. Finally this past Sunday -- once the national championship contenders were lined up -- I was able to see who are big winner was:


I'm happy to say that this was a really fun diversion for March. It has really helped boost our spirits and we've enjoyed a friendly rivalry.  This is definitely a new family tradition, and I'm sure the stakes will be even higher next year.

Winner selects ice cream AND toppings.

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