Monday, May 26, 2014

May – A Month in Pictures


May is my most favorite month, but it has also become the most crazy month!

Classical Conversations year end program:

2014-05-02 19.14.48

Mock Trial

2014-05-06 12.58.42

Band Concert


I really scored (not) on picture taking at Luke’s last elementary band concert.  That’s him with the sheet music in front of his face…

…And here he is getting the music arranged and his trumpet out…


…And finally he is playing!  It is definitely a bummer that he is in the back row – there are about 20 or so trumpeters in this band and he is in the back row.

dscn3143(rev 0)


Pride and Prejudice

Ben is the handsome gentlemen Mr. Phillips on the far left.

2014-05-09 22.33.49

Half Marathon to manage with hubby


2014-05-10 11.28.07

We were blessed beyond measure with great people, a great after-party, and great family to enjoy the day with. 

Mother’s Day

2014-05-12 11.45.17-2

{technically, this isn’t a picture from Mother’s Day, but my mom and dad were here for Mother’s Day, so this is what I’m posting.} All of the above events happened within five days of one another.  It was really the craziest May I’ve ever had!

I don’t remember where I took this photo with Ben, but he and I are both smiling simultaneously, so it is a keeper:

2014-05-12 13.41.01

We didn’t have much of a breather, because two days after Mother’s Day, the boys and I spent 3 days at a local Classical Conversations Practicum.  I cannot believe that just a few days after practicum, I celebrated a birthday.  I made and forced the boys to take the day off of work and go see a movie with me:


My creative son Levi made me an origami box (with flowers on top) and an origami turtle on the inside:

2014-05-21 00.06.49

All his idea.  Dave can now do origami, too (Dave was Levi’s assistant).

and we began year end testing for 9th and 5th grade (Levi did his testing before all the craziness began at the beginning of May).

To recover from all the blessings and busyness, we spent Memorial Day Weekend rejuvenating as a family, laughing, and burning lots of fires at a local campground.  I also did a lot of this:

Memorial Day Camping Trip

and this:

photo 1

and there was a lot of this:

Memorial Day Camping Trip

and this:

Memorial Day Camping Trip

all taking place here:

photo 2


and none of us complained!

Sometimes, sitting around a fire ring for three days is Good Medicine.

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