Monday, May 12, 2014

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday

I promise I am going to write a better blog post after we have gotten past Insane Week.  Our first event of Insane Week, however, was Ben’s Mock Trial competition.  He and four other classmates have been working all semester to understand the legal system and the case of Barbara Barrett for their Classical Conversations Challenge B debate strand. 
Here are some photos from the day:
We transformed our church into a courtroom.  Here, “Barbara” is being charged.
Ben was a pile of nerves and forgot to approach the lectern to petition the court in the Denno hearing. 
Ben also had a role as one of the witnesses.  Here, he is a counselor who specializes in spousal abuse.
This is a very relieved group of teens who are happy to have all the stress of Mock Trial behind them!  In the middle is a local lawyer (who is a Christian and homeschools his children!) who served as judge.  Mr. Simmons did a fantastic job discussing with the students their performances, explaining why he ruled as he did and teaching the students more about the legal system.
I promise that I will write about why Classical Conversations has an amazing program to teach and train students to stand up for their beliefs in a logical, winsome way, and how Mock Trial helps prepare students for this goal.  Now that I’ve seen the this part of Challenge B, have seen the Challenge I debate strand (team policy debate) and have an understanding of the Challenge II debate/ public speaking events, I can see how well Leigh Bortins and her team have designed the steps to achieve the ultimate goals of the program.

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Mary Prather said...

It's nice to see what this looked like in your community. My daughter is going into Challenge B next year. We loved our year in Challenge A and I'm just so excited to continue!

I also am taking over the CC Blog Carnival from Brandy at Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood. I would love to include this post in the June carnival if that's ok with you!