Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer School for Me


This is my list.  The tasks I want to accomplish this summer.  Now that I know what I got myself into when I agreed to tutor Challenge II at our local Classical Conversations community, I feel like I know what I can and cannot do to make life sane and a little bit less stressed out.  Because I need less stress this year.

So, I have three categories of things I want/ need to do this summer:

1.  Have fun!

2.  Plan for my kids’ program.

3.  Plan for my job as Ch. II tutor again (more students this year!)

Oh, there is a 4.

4. Get my house organized.

I am sure I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in just a few months’ time.  But, it wouldn’t be ‘me’ if I weren’t unrealistic!

1. Have fun! image

  • We have passes to a water theme park for the summer (thank you, awesome deal on Black Monday!).  I hope to get there at least once a week during the summer.
  • I cannot forget Regal cinema’s movie days.  Those are always good for a rainy day.
  • Soccer!  My butt will be planted in a chair 4 days a week at the soccer fields – see you there!
  • Levi is taking a 6-week acting class.  My shy guy.  This should be interesting.
  • Reading aloud!  I have some books I’d like to read to the boys.  I’m finishing up Winnie the Pooh.  I’ll come back here and add the other books I want to read to the boys.
  • Camp.  We had an awesome time this past weekend.  I’m hoping we can get in at least one more 3-day weekend for our family to be together before mid-August when I’ll have to put on my CC tutoring hat again.
  • Fires.I want to remember to go outside and sit around our little fire pit.  I  wasn’t good about that last year, but I want to be more here.

2. Plan for my kids’ program.

  • I created a master plan, similar to a Sonlight teacher’s guide, that I’ll use to plan out the sequence of our program:


I bypassed this idea last year (and maybe the year before that…) and I really regret it!  Having a plan, a sequence – even for something as easy to sequence as Math U See or a spelling program – will help me at a number of levels.  Mostly, though, I won’t feel blind sighted by anything new in the curriculum, because I’ll already have looked over  everything once. Oh, and I won’t forget anything (there might’ve been a week or two that I forgot about spelling!). I am wanting to use some of our review products more earnestly this coming year.  It should work out quite well. When the boys’ Order Out of Chaos assignment planners come in, next year will be easy to progress in stepwise fashion through our plans!

  • I want to sit down with Ben and finish planning out some electives for him.  Then we’ll schedule those out around his CC schedule.
  • My goal is to not over-schedule – I already know I’m good at that. 

3.  Plan for my 2nd year as a Challenge II tutor

  • One of my first goals was to finish reading Leigh Bortin’s The Question – and I accomplished that this past weekend!  It feels good to go into the summer a little ahead. (Note:  I really liked this book.  Even if I was not a CC tutor but had planned to homeschool through high school, I would definitely consider purchasing this.  It provides many good suggestions to engage in conversations with your student across the curriculum.)
  • I need to wrap my brain around Latin II. and take a second quick tour of Latin I.
  • There are a few books I’d like to re-read.  It was crazy last fall.
  • I have some Western Civ. that I’d like to outline.  Good thing I like history!

While this may look like tedium to many, I love  learning and educating myself and my kids. I love planning.  I love being warm.  I love summer!

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