Wednesday, July 30, 2014

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday - Family Date

As a family, we have now lived through our busiest part of the summer.  Mid-July had us going in various directions:
Two weeks of morning swim lessons for Levi and I.
A week of Trail Life USA camp for Ben, Luke, and Dad.
Get the house ready for Nana and Opa’s visit; pick them up from airport.(They stayed with the boys while Dave worked and I was gone).
Get home from camp, unload and drive 2+ hours to a 50th birthday party for family. Get stuck in horrific traffic jams.
Next day, I leave for 5 days to a Classical Conversations training in upstate New York.
Ben gets a 4-day a week, 6 hour a day job for the rest of the summer.  We have mounds of laundry to do.
After such a busy time of not really seeing anyone, I proclaimed this past Sunday Family Date Day.  After church and lunch and a bit of rain, we headed to play mini-golf.
What a sweet time of laughter it was!  I haven’t belly laughed at so many comedic errors in a long, long time.  Everyone was in good spirits and was a good sport.  We all laughed at each other over and over again.  Dave’s ball knocked Ben’s into the cup, giving him a technical hole-in-one……and just a few holes latter, Dave did it again giving me a hole-in-one.  There were a couple holes that Luke (or me) just couldn’t get the ball more than 5 feet past the pin.  Over and over this happened.  Yes, I know you had to be there so appreciate it all. We had a blast.
Because my boys cannot go 2 hours without eating, we decided to splurge and have ice cream for dinner:

It was a great family memory day, and I know that we will have to have another A-Team Comedy of Errors Mini-Golf Challenge in the future.

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