Thursday, July 3, 2014

Perfect Summer Day


Luke and Levi had friends (a pair of brothers) sleep over recently.  My boys had been working on making paper folded fortune wookies prior to their arrived, inspired by Tom Angelberger’s Origami Yoda book series:


After they returned from the soccer field, the four boys starting transforming practically every piece of construction paper in the house into paper-folded Star Wars characters.


Who has to say, “OK boys, time to put your origami away and go to bed?”  Me, happily me.

And who wakes up hearing boys pass tape, fold paper, and discuss eye placement?  Me, happily me. 


They even made up some of their own characters,and adapted some of the folding instructions in the back of the books to make them a tad more realistic (I mean, ya gotta have R2D2 legs!) What an awesome summer day.


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