Monday, August 11, 2014

Putting yourself out there: the fruit of Classical Conversations

One of the great things I've noticed about Levi this summer is that my little boy has made huge improvements in his soccer game!  He has  improved so much and is actually out on the field seeking after the ball, getting involved in trying to steal it away from the opposing team, and volunteering to be a goalie.  Truly, this is a different child than the one who played soccer last summer;  in fact, he is SO excited to play fall travel soccer and cannot be talked out of it.

This past year, Levi had to give a weekly 3-minute presentation in his Classical Conversations program.  Yes, weekly!  Twenty-four times, my shy-guy had to stand in front of a (safe) (encouraging) group of his playmates and peers and talk about something -- a place in the world, an event in history, a favorite toy or picture. He practiced making eye contact, answering questions, speaking loud enough to be heard.  Then he practiced being a good listener when his classmates had their opportunity to speak.

What a blessing this past year was!  I am grateful and thankful for the wonderful mama/ tutors who sat in his class last year and encourage Levi and all his classmates in their public speaking.  I know that it was a great opportunity for him to put himself out there -- make himself vulnerable -- and I think it is paying off in other areas of his life.

God is good!

{And, yes, I'm a bad mom!  I always forgot my good camera when I went to soccer practice}

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