Monday, August 25, 2014

School Year Start Up 2014



It has been a long, restful summer, but it is TIME.

Time to get back into a schedule, time to exert some discipline, time to wrap ourselves in blankets in the morning as we putter around with our daily jobs.

This year is our second with Classical Conversations, and I feel so much more ready and prepared for what lies ahead.  I get the system.  I get the simplicity.  I get the structure.  As one who usually enjoys something brand new to discover and master, I am appreciating being where I am.  And, while we do have some new things to try this year, I think I am so less anxious about them, because I have seen how the spine of our program – the memory work – really pays off and is a blessing.

Luke and Levi start their Foundations and Essentials program two weeks after I start with Ben in Challenge.  But, there are plenty of things that they can begin to do as the school year ramps up for them.

I’m implementing a gradual start for their school year.  I don’t recall if I did that last year, but just based on the fact that I was frantically trying to figure out how to be a Challenge director/ tutor, I’m pretty sure they did not do much academic work until early September.

Week 1 Ramp Up:

  • Bible: We are using Bible Study Guide for All Ages (BSGFAA);  I had purchased the 2nd quarter after our review last year because Levi enjoyed it so much.  Since I already have it, both Levi and Luke are going to use it – even though the Intermediate Level is slightly below Luke’s grade level.
  • Math:  Luke is going to start Epsilon and Levi will continue on in Gamma.  This is the year of the fractions!
  • Memory Work:  We are going to begin reviewing the Math/ Skip Counting and Timeline work. 

I am working on establishing good habits this year.  I hope to start our day at 8:30 with some memory work time, then spend the next while on Bible.  I’ve modified my expectations for BSGFAA so that we complete one lesson per week (4 days) + we are all reading through the Bible (Levi is using the Day by Day Kid’s Bible.  Luke is reading through it from beginning to end.  Right now,I am not worried about getting a study done in a certain set time period; rather I am wanting us to get into good habits of getting into the Bible on a daily basis.

Here’s how I decided to break up the Bible study:



Week 2 Ramp Up:

  • Bible, Math & Memory Work
  • Spelling:  Luke and Levi are finishing what we had last year.  Spelling is a subject that Luke can mostly do on his own, but Levi is hands-on with me. 

Week 3 Ramp Up:

  • Bible, Math & Memory Work (all of it!); Spelling
  • Essentials (Luke)
  • Primary Arts of Language (Levi)
  • Literature

The plan for this week is to add in all the rest of our language arts.  This could end up being a heavy week, especially for Luke, my guy who is not such a lover of LA.  The boys are also going to practice handwriting with all the history and science memory work this year. 

I do have some resources for science and history that I’d like to work through. I will see, however, how the first three weeks work before I add in these ‘extras.’

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if Ben is doing CC again this year? I noticed you had not written about his upcoming school year.