Saturday, October 4, 2014

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday + Weekly Report

 That kiddo in red, he belongs to me.
{proud mama}

These three monsters are building the platform for a shed in the backyard --YAY!
They all worked nicely together and it is going to look fabulous.  The shed will store all our race equipment and will give us back our basement.
{more home improvement projects to come. of course.}

Oh, and then there is soccer.  Lots of soccer.  Both boys are doing great on their teams.  Luke is a great goalie/ keeper.  I am so impressed by the leadership skills he is naturally developing.  Levi and his team (which we've sorta figured out is a young U9 team) are playing well together.  This weekend, he scored two goals in one of his games!

And school.  Oh, my goodness.  Everyone is doing so well.  Of course we all have THOSE DAYS, but Levi and Luke are both doing well with their memory work; Luke is cruising through his Essentials writing assignments.

Important milestone in our lives:  I almost died when he said his favorite part of Essentials was writing) and cheering when we do our sentences for diagramming.  Oh, and editing sentences is going so much better this year!

Ben is managing all his school work + running cross country.  We are still battling the Time To Wake Up Bug.  This week, we're back to getting up at 8am.  Everyone is supposed to be up and on the couch to read their Bibles at that time.  We'll see how it goes.  However, he is rocking Spanish and is one-third through with Geometry -- I'm hoping to get him back on pace to finish through Math U See's Calculus program (We lost our pace in Algebra last year as he was learning time management in our first year of CC).  It really helps that he likes geometry (I did, too!). We are sharing interesting articles and conversations about economics.  

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