Monday, November 24, 2014

My Little Thespian

Levi has been involved in a stage production --  one night only! -- and he has finally had his debut! Last Friday night proud parents, family and friends gathered for a first of its kind production of a George MacDonald fairy tale.  You can find the story here: At the Back of the North Wind.

It is the tale of the Princess Daylight - a poor young heiress who suffers the fate of so many young princesses of old -- the curse of a jealous fairy/ witch/ etc.  While this premise seems familiar to us all (is there a Disney Princess who did not suffer this fate at some level?), I absolutely LOVE the independence of Daylight.  When told she can be 'cured' of the curse by a simiple kiss from an unknowing Prince, she asserts here 19th century feminism (meant in a good way) and cries out to here father The King (Levi's role) something like, "What kind of prince randomly walks around kissing unsuspecting princesses?  And do I want to be associated with that kind of man?!?!?"

THAT is a good role model!  Though I have no daughter to give advice to, it is wise to wonder if your association with men who kiss wontonly is a good thing!

Here is my King:

Oh the facial hair!  He is so cute!

I do not think this is Levi's last play!

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