Thursday, December 18, 2014

{Weekly report} sick vs. SICK

Well, we got home from Thanksgiving vacation just in time for 40% of our family to get sick.  Not just any cold, mind you, SICK.

Dave was sick first.  He came home early from his first day back at work with a terrible cough.  I've been dealing with a nagging cough from a cold I had at the beginning of November, so I wasn't completely sympathetic.  But, after a few days, this was just not any cold.  By Friday -- a week out of work, which I do not think has ever happened before -- Dave was in the doctor's office and taking antibiotics.  I'm not convinced that the medicine helped speed his recovery any, but at least he was back to work and a regular schedule after the weekend.

Then it was Ben's turn to be sick.  When you have a teen, it is sometimes hard to tell what is legitimate sickness vs. attitude and general teen malaise. Ben can be a little like me -- he recharges by being alone and doesn't mind holing up in his room for a while.  So when he was asking if he could stay home from an early morning scout event, I was skeptical.  But, he really did not sound like it would be good for him to be standing out in the cold for 6 hours.  So, he reseted over the weekend. Then, I let him stay home from Classical Conversations on Tuesday, but he had to promise me he'd do some work.

{Listen, when you home educate yourself, you have to be practically dead to have a decent reason to not read a lit book or work on a couple math problems while propped up in bed! Ben even has some online lectures he can watch if he is not quite dead yet.}

Ben is a good kid, and he did sit up and do some work while we were out on Tuesday.  But when Ben didn't wake up by 11 on Wednesday, I knew he was in a bad way.  "Mom, did you take my temperature in the middle of the night?"  he asked when he did wake up for a few milli-seconds.  We went to see the doctor, just to make sure he didn't have anything serious.  

Croup.  My 15 year old had croup.  From this website: Croup, which usually affects children who are 5 years old or younger, results from inflammation and swelling of the larynx and trachea." Yep, that is what he had, minus the seal bark. Who knew?

Now that we've been through this bout, I think I have a better idea of what "I'm sick" vs. "I'm sick of schoolwork" looks like.  While I wouldn't wish illness on my children, it is helpful to have a perspective.

I was a little disappointed that I  could not find my go-to sick supplies -- mainly, our favorite soup:

This has been our family solution for sickness since I was a child.  I do not have a lot of homemade recipes to hand down to my children -- instead, I have comfort food that comes from a box!  There is no comparison in flavor between Mrs. Grass (which tastes like your mom made it with real chicken broth) and Lipton's Cup of Noodles (which tastes like the stock came from a powdered flavor packet), which was our weak substitute this time around). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it at my three well-frequented grocery stores.  I'll have to ask if they can order it for me or I might just purchase a case of it on Amazon (which is where I got the picture).  I am pretty sure we'll need more of this as the winter goes by.  

I think the rest of us are saved, thank you Clorox Wipes, from the nasty bug.  We have one week left of formal learning before we take a few weeks off to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the traditions of the season.

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