Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Celebrated: Cookies!

Last year, the boys and I were enjoying a tropical, warm, excited Christmas in the Bahamas and Orlando with my mom and dad:

Christmas 2013 The boys with Chip and Dale aboard the Disney Dream

When we returned from our trip we had exactly THREE days to get into the holiday spirit, New England style.  For me, this meant that I needed to get over myself and adjust to the fact that I would be cold for the next few months.  I also only had a few days to finish shopping and decorate whatever else I wanted done (I think we had put the tree up before we left).  

No cruise for us this year, so I have plenty of time to search Pinterest for fun and delish cookie recipes, shopping for family and friends, and getting into the spirit.  

Levi was my assistant cook.  He is good at taking direction and LOVES to help.  He and I searched for cookie recipes and came up with the following (You can find links to the recipes at my Pinterest page):

1.  Christmas Colored Bark*
2.  Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies
3.  Candied Pretzel Rods*
4.  2 ingredient Fudge*
5.  Candy Cane Kiss cookies*
6.  Colorful Slice and Bake Swirl Cookies* 
7.  Homemade Reeses Cookies*
8.  sugar cookies
9.  Pretzel Turtles*

Absent is my favorite Chocolate Covered Toffee.  This recipe is a gift to know.  The confection it creates is a gift to share.  The woman who shared it with me years ago (thank you, Micky) is a wonderful mentor (I don't know if she realized she served in that role for me) and I look forward to spending eternity worshipping our savior with her!

Truly, it is wonderful.  However, in the interest if variety, I'm not making it this year.

So how did our plan go?

1.  My planning ahead worked.  I am the proud owner of a year's subscription to Plan to Eat, and it makes LOVELY shopping lists for your recipes and ingredients are keyed to the recipes, so you can know at a glance which ingredient goes with which recipe.  It is a beautiful thing.  I had no problem knowing what I needed from the store with this program.  I think I'm going to LOVE it.

2. Time.  There wass not enough time.  Besides making cookies, I needed to finish shopping and do some last minute grading for the end of the semester.  Plus some parties to attend.  In reality, we made SEVEN types of cookies (those with the asterisks).  Until I just counted them out while writing this, I didn't realize we'd made so. many. cookies.  No wonder I did not want to eat cookies, think about cookies, nor look at cookies through New Year's Eve.

3. Other random lessons:

  • Planning is key.  (worthy of a repeat)
  • Cookie swaps are the way to stay sane during Christmas.  
  • I like peanut butter (it is a theme that runs throughout a lot of our cookie choices).  
  • I'm glad we picked some cookie types that could be made in the microwave while other types were in the oven.  
  • I enjoyed all the cooking with Levi (and Luke joined in a little), so I have no regrets.  
  • The good thing about planning ahead and not making all the cookies we planned? We still have LOTS of ingredients for more cookies later on!

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