Friday, February 20, 2015

Classical Conversations: How To Get It All To Class - Version 3.0 {Tutor Tip}

I have finished up my third semester as a CC Challenge Level Director/ Tutor.  At the middle and high school level, not only do I have responsibilities to manage my students during our seminar times (the tutor part), I also have business/ marketing responsibilities during the off season (the director part).  I don't mind wearing all these hats, and it is a blessing to help parents learn about CC as well as mentor their teens during the school year.

It has been a struggle, however, figuring out how to get all my stuff to seminar each week.  Ben is pretty competent bringing a large backpack full of stuff. (we don't use Saxon Math, so I suppose if he had THAT tome to carry, a backpack wouldn't work out too well.)  

My first year I had this a try (well, not this exact one -- one similar and twice as expensive!):

This barely lasted a year.  The hinges are plastic and ended up falling out as we bumped and thumped the crate up and down stairs (both at my house and the facility's). I was able to bend a coat hanger enough to give the crate new hinges for a few extra months. Small pieces of plastic broke off the corners from week 2, but it was still functional for all 30 weeks. Another problem was that it provided very little weather protection -- rain and snow were not my friends!

Next up was a large wheeled suitcase.  It is about a 30" size monster.  Although all my stuff it in it, again, the stairs have been the death of it -- the back fabric is torn and tattered. I'm grateful I had its use for the first semester, but it was quite a behemoth to get in the car each week.

Now I've got this: a 20" wheeled duffle bag.  It has a large section, large zippered section, and two outer pockets. Grateful that it is only about $30 via Amazon (price as of Christmas season):

I've been using it for 6 weeks now.  It is definitely more sturdy that the large suitcase, and wonderfully weatherproof for a New England winter.  My large 2" binder with the Guide could fit in the main section, but then I'd have no place for the monstrous Biology text;  so I place it in the frame-sized zipper section, my lit books and WAS goes in the outer zipper, and DVDs/ smaller books/ cards go in the smallest of zippered sections on the top.

This has definitely been a good purchase -- and at this point it remains in one-piece longer than the expensive rolling crate that I purchased two years ago at Staples.  

For me, the suitcase is the way to go....but, we'll see what happens when  Luke begins carting his Challenge A supplies in Fall 2016.

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