Sunday, February 8, 2015

January Re-Cap

Because the boys participate in a homeschool ski program which begins in January, our month is usually pretty crazy.

But 2015 has been even crazier.

Dave is not skiing with us for the first time in 8 years. And, although I am not skiing either this year, I do have to wake everyone up, drive, pack the car, and do all the little jobs that Dave and I have shared for the past three years.

Skiing takes up an entire school day, which means we only have 3 "school days" per week.  This is never a big deal after one or two weeks of skiing, but there is a snowball effect that happens after a few weeks as little details become bigger, un-done, incomplete details.

In addition to the usual craziness that occurs as ski season progresses, I had an opportunity to make a last minute trip to my parent's 50th anniversary party. It was a fabulous time to surprise them and honor and celebrate their commitment to one another.

[This would be the spot where I put in a nice photo of my parents and I.
Except something happened to my camera's SD card three days after I returned and I can't
get any photos off of it.  Grrrrr.]

The following weekend, I woke up late and checked my phone .... to find out one of my uncles had passed away.  It was a very somber week, and the younger boys got a minimum of work done as I worked to arrange travel plans for Luke and I to attend his funeral in Texas.  Oh, then there was a snow storm that knocked out our CC community day. We had about 2 feet of snowfall in our area.

Luke and I before boarding our flight to Texas

It was great to share this somber adventure with Luke.  Brian, my travel-loving uncle, would be happy to know that one of his great-nephews was having a bit of an adventure and learning to love to travel, to take in new experiences and places -- even at 2:30 in the morning!  I will share Luke's photos of our trip in another blog post.  It was fun to view them and see what was important to him.

Other aspects of our month have been just as significant, but not in a crazy-inducing way.  Ben finally received in PSAT results and The College Mail has begun.  We laugh at each letter that starts with the salutation, "Because of all your success and achievements...."  and wonder which accomplishments they are referring to! 

I also committed to a healthy eating, mentoring program for the month of January.  My success lasted for about 13 days -- once the storm hit and I was on the phone making travel arrangements (and traveling), I got side-tracked, but I definitely was making better food choices than I would have. Although it is the end of the program this week, I have all the materials to make another attempt.

And, most importantly, I committed to reading through Exodus.  Again, I've had some speed bumps along the way, but between the Bible reading and the reading I'm doing as a Challenge director (When People Are Big and God is Small), I feel like God is grabbing hold of me, and I'm clinging to him.  It is a good feeling.

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