Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday- Lego Challenges

Luke and Levi had a playdate with two brothers recently.  All can be obsessed with Legos, so I decided to offer up some Lego Challenges that I had  seen on Pinterest.

Build a Maze:  the two younger boys worked on this:

Next, I had seen a "Cup of Legos" Challenge:  fill a measuring cup with random Legos, set a time limit and go!

We had all sorts of creative pieces build:  a dragon upon which a Harry Potter character rode, several helicopter-like vehicles, a couple villian's lairs with various contraptions, a Parkour play gym.

Parkour gymnasium flanked by a dragon (L) and jet propelled helicopter (r)
The boys really loved this challenge, and it kept them busy for a good hour while I cooked up some dinner.  

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