Wednesday, February 18, 2015

{Not so} Wordless Wednesday: Our New Family Member

Tiger's death last summer was very traumatic for all of us ..... he left a huge hole in our hearts and lives.

The boys wanted to immediate replace him, but Dave and I wanted to wait a while.  Well, Dave wanted to wait a loooooong while, but I was ready after Christmas.

Friends from our homeschool community needed to adopt out their cat, Kizzy, and we eagerly took her in.

It has been a bit of an adjustment getting used to an already adult  cat with her own personality. Kizzy is not so keen on Daisy -- she thinks Daisy is going to attack her.  Kizzy lives under my bed, in the box spring mattress, and come out at night.  This picture above was taken just very recently, as Kizzy has been crawling on our laps and cuddling with us some this past week.  We've been waiting for this for 5 weeks!

We are grateful to have another kitty to love on -- and we hope that she will let us!

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