Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Learning to Drive Tool

We are knee deep into racking up driving hours for Ben right now.  He's been getting a few driving opportunities here and there through the winter, but now that his birthday is around the corner (and a deposit has been made for Driver's Education School), we are THERE almost every day.

Ben will have to turn in a driving log of his 40 hours of practice driving with us, and I've found a great app that is helping me to keep track of the information (I will not be filling out the form, mind you).  It is called RoadReady by Ford Motor Company.

The dashboard screen looks just like the above snip from their website.  It will tally all of your hours, log when your drive started and how long it took you to drive that segment.  You can also select road conditions, type of road (local, highway) and the time of day.  You'll get an email each week with the results listed (drive-by-drive) and you can always send yourself a copy whenever you want.  I try to send myself a copy every couple days because I would HATE to lose the information.

There are a number of apps that do the same exact thing as this one --- but this was free.  This means that there are frequently ads from State Farm Insurance, but it is easy to close them and move on.  

[This is not a solicited review; this is just a tool I have found helpful for my family.  I am not being compensated in any way.]

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