Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{Not so} Wordless Wednesday - Homeschool Ski Lessons 2015

Ski season is over.  The kids had a great time and Ben has crossed over to the dark side: snowboarding!  He loves it more than skiing and says he is not skiing anymore.  I was shocked to see how well he was boarding on our last ski day -- he looks like he's been boarding for a long, long time.

Levi had a great season and won his ski race. He received many nice comments from his instructor "Turbo."  On our race day, he won his division for boys!  He was pretty happy (can you tell by the smile on his face?) and couldn't wait to tell dad!

Not to ignore Luke, but he did fantastic.  He's a little fast for my taste, but he can control himself and hasn't hurt anyone.  No pictures of him this year.  *sad face*
This mama is not sad skiing is over -- bring on SPRING!

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