Thursday, March 12, 2015

San Antonio Through My Son's Eyes

Several weeks ago, I had to attend the funeral of my Uncle Brian, who died very, very suddenly and unexpectedly.  If there was ever a man who enjoyed being with people, helping them have a good time, and laughing and enjoying good food -- it was Brian.  He will forever be missed.

Brian worked for an airline -- the kind of airline that is SO good to its employees that they flew us all to San Antonio to celebrate his life and mourn our loss together.  While I was prepared to fly alone to the funeral, I decided to take Luke with me on the trip.  First off, as the middle child, he often is overlooked for special events.   Luke is a the age when an adventure was right up his alley. And perhaps most importantly, he is my most sympathetic son -- he is sensitive to others' feelings and is able to adjust his own responses to act caring and gentle in many adult situations.

In spite of the somber reason for the trip, I really, really had a great time with him, and I know he brought joy to his grandparents with his sunny personality.

Off we go on an adventure Uncle Brian would be happy we are having

Luke is a good explorer, willing to look around, make guesses and suppose.

Grateful to have been so well taken care of at the convent's housing
We did have a few occasions to have some fun and explore -- so we did the traditional thing and went to Alamo square in downtown SA to explore a little on the Riverwalk and at the historic site. Luke's iPod doesn't hold much of a charge, but I did let him have my phone to snap as many pictures as he wanted.  He had a little coaching from his Nana for picture composition, but otherwise, I found it interesting to see what HE thought was interesting.

My social kid waved at everybody

Photo by Luke

Photo by Luke

Photo by Luke

Photo by Luke

Luke loved the colorful tile work -- Fiesta colors!

Again, Luke making friends!

"Mom, I love this and will make it my screensaver."

We also had time to visit the Alamo before we needed to catch our plane home.

 Luke was mesmerized by the volunteers explaining the evolution of the handgun in the Texas west.  He stood there for a good 30 minutes!

I'm so sad to have lost my uncle at such a young age.  I will forever hear his laughter in my mind and see his smile and hear his, "Hi Laney" in my memories.  I'm so grateful that Luke and I were able to pay our respects to him and his SA family -- most of whom I'd never met before.  He laughed big and loved big, and will be missed greatly.

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