Saturday, April 4, 2015

Homeschooling High School: Dual Enrollment Options at Christian Colleges & Universities

A few months ago, when I realized that Ben's sophomore year was halfway over (aack!), I started searching ot dual enrollment programs in which we might participate.  Honestly, I was specifically searching out Christian colleges, because I want that bit of worldview in his courses while he is still under my roof.

So, I started just googling myself.  There are already a few Christian schools on my radar, based on the fact that I live in the Northeast region of the US.  But then I inquired on some facebook groups I'm in, and my list got a bit longer and more diverse.  Please note that I have no experience with any of these (yet). I'm just including this as a jumping off point for myself and others like me who want to offer this to their students.

Most of these programs do require you to be 16 and/or a junior or senior.  Programs are always popping up and changing, but here's some interesting options (in no particular order). Several of the colleges allow these credits to easily flow into a college experience and help to significantly reduce on-campus costs when students matriculate.

Please note: I'll come back here to update information as I learn more about these programs as well as if anyone has comments about these or other programs.  Visit back!

Bluefield College in VA offers dual enrollment classes for only $130/ course (6 credit maximum per  semester).

Liberty University offers their EDGE program for dual enrollment at $495/ course.

Regent University has a program called "early college" at $155/ credit.

Maranatha Baptist University provides a 50% tuition break on their dual enrollment courses.  I actually know a student who is working through this program, and he and his mom are both very happy with the program.

Letourneau University offers dual credit for $120/ credit

Cedarville University in Ohio has many different programs for dual enrollment homeschoolers (espeically if you live in Ohio!).

At $165/ credit, Grove City College is another option.

Belhaven University seems to be a comprehensive program, not a per-class program.

Master's College offers courses (with shorter 8-week terms) for $150/ unit

Ohio Christian University offers courses for $160/unit through their Trailblazers Academy.  Semesters are 13 weeks long.

The University of Valley Forge  has a program called Early College start for $99/credit.

Bethel College in Tennessee offers dual enrollment for high school juniors and seniors at $375 per course (3-credits).

Davis College in New York State also offers courses for $375/ course. This program advertises to sophomores in addition to high school juniors and seniors.

Finally, Bryan College (Tennessee) offers several dual enrollment classes in connection with Classical Conversation's upper level Challenge courses.  You must be enrolled in CC in order to take these courses, which cost an additional $300 each. You can learn about the program at the CC+ site.

Do you have any experiences with Christian college dual enrollment?  Please let me know.


moosiechica said...

Are these programs online or do they have to live near the college in order to take part in the dual enrollment? I know that the Bryant/CC dual enrollment program works from where you are and that Liberty has online college classes, but I'm not familiar with the other schools.

Cristi said...

A good friend of mine is now the dean of students at LeTourneau and she speaks very highly of it.

My high schooler has already decided on a University and found out that dual enrollment credits would not help her to get ahead (i.e. graduate from college any faster) so she's opted not to take any classes until after she graduates from High School.