Wednesday, April 15, 2015

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday - Easter 2015

The anticipation for Good Friday and Easter was a little different this year.  Not only was I looking forward to a nice, Spring-like Easter (which didn't happen -- the Spring-like part), but we were also looking forward to the Friday part of Good Friday.  

Dave had been working during the week on the other side of the state since before Christmas. Although he came home on the weekends, we really missed him during the week....especially the younger boys.  

So Good Friday was Good Good Friday -- the culmination of Jesus' mission on earth and the completion of Dave's assignment and his homecoming for good. 

The Thursday of Holy Week, our church middle school (and their moms) prepared a Christ in the Passover meal for us:

We did not eat a complete meal, just learned about the elements of a traditional Seder meal and the symbolism behind them.  We also watched a video done by a rabbi which explained how Jesus is revealed in the meal.  This is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of Easter.

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