Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weekly Reports: A Season of Read-Alouds

One of the blessings I've enjoyed this year with Luke and Levi is all the read-alouds we've done this year.  I'll admit that last year (our first in Classical Conversations), we were very lax in the read-aloud department because I felt so overwhelmed with all the (good) changes it brought.  

But this year I made an effort to collect a bunch of books I wanted to re-read;  many of the books I had read to Ben when he was in elementary school and Luke was a toddler or kindergartener.  Luke wasn't much of a listener back then, preferring to run off and play with toys.  So, these books are basically brand new to him, just like they are to Levi.  

Most of the books have a relationship to our Cycle 3 American History theme in CC this year, but not all -- The Phantom Tollbooth  was a huge hit as our first read aloud of the year.  

Some favorites from this year:

Amos Fortune, Free Man
Diary of a Real Payne: Oh, Baby!
Rush Revere books
Toliver's Secret
The Sign of the Beaver

I hope to finish off Mr. Bowditch soon, and then read another few Challenge A literature books. My goal is to finish at least two more before the end of May and the beginning of summer.  I think it would be fun to switch things up and delve into A Door in the Wall as well as Number the Stars.  

While I've been reading the boys have been enjoying building structures:


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