Tuesday, May 12, 2015

So....What Do We Do When CC is Over for the Year?

It is the first Monday in May.  Our official school year isn't over until the end of the month.  Luke and Levi's program has been over since the beginning of April and Ben has had a full week off now.

So, what do we do?

Two boys have already had their year end evaluations.

Ben, who was responsible for half of the seminars in Challenge I, still has several classes to power through before he heads off on a Summer Adventure (more details at a later time).  He is just a few lessons from finishing Geometry; he has caught up on Spanish in a powerful way and is just a few weeks from finishing that; Biology is getting some intense work right now; and then there is Java.

Levi is finishing his last literature book study using the Memoria Press guides we reviewed last fall. We are at bare-bones usage at this point -- I'm just asking him the comprehension questions.  He is also helping me review some IEW products (of the sort he will use in Essentials next year, so it is good preparation) as well as a vocabulary program.  Oh, and math, we are working at a fast clip through MUS Gamma so that we can get to multiple digit division.

Luke has a bit of a lighter schedule.  He finished his literature books already, but is needing to finish up spelling.  He is almost there.  After our review of A+ Interactive Math, I've got him back on MUS Epsilon- it is just a better fit for him and he is more successful.  The goal is that he can change over to Saxon at some point in the late summer.  He wants to use a different math program, and I'm willing to let him try Saxon -- I think the spiral approach might work a little better for him. I still have to administer his standardized testing, so that will happen at the beginning of June.

Oh, and cleaning the schoolroom.  That is mostly my job -- I have bookshelves to build so that I can reorganize our schoolroom footprint.  Once I discovered hanging bookshelves on the wall, I have been obsessed with doing that as much as possible.  Like the photo in the blog post I linked above, I have another 'L' shaped shelf I want built to hold the books in the last remaining bookcase.

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